I began my programming journey during my time at Case Western Reserve University in my hometown of Cleveland, Ohio. I have been a part of the rapid transformation our society has seen driven by technology and youth. The information and resources available to people all over the world has ushered in a time where anyone with an internet connection can become a scholar, an entrepreneur, or a creator.

I have held various development positions at different organizations. I currently hold a development position at Everbank, rewriting enterprise applications using the latest web technology. Everbank is an online-first banking institution in Jacksonville, Florida.

In my free time, I work on a startup I co-founded focused on providing software products and solutions to small businesses and organizations in Jacksonville. Our aim is to make high-quality software available to organizations of all sizes, so that they can achieve their goals without diverting valuable resources away from their mission.


HTML, CSS/LESS, JQuery, Angular

C#.NET 4.5, Ninject, Web API

MSSQL, MySQL, Entity Framework, Dapper



I have built responsive user interfaces using AngularJS, JQuery, Bootstrap, and other web technologies.


I develop WebAPI and other business-layer mechanisms using C#, with SQL databases for storage.


I strive to use design patterns and domain modeling to create holistic applications designed specifically enough for the task at hand, yet generic enough to be reusable and maintainable.


Grease (Danny)
Amelia Community Theatre

Jesus Christ Superstar
Players By The Sea

Les Miserables
Theatre Jacksonville

Thoroughly Modern Millie (Director)
CWRU Footlighters

CWRU Footlighters


Music has always been a part of my life. Having parents with strong opinions about my musical culturalization, every road trip had a soundtrack. In school, I took up the saxophone, which I played in wind bands and jazz groups for 11 years. After discovering musical theatre in college, I have been exploring the worlds of voice and dance trying to learn all I can about music and my part in it.

I began singing in 2010. I performed in the Case Western Reserve University Footlighters' production of "Pippin". Bit by the theatre bug, I tried my hand at directing "Thoroughly Modern Millie" with the same group. Since, I have performed in community productions of "Les Miserables", "Jesus Christ Superstar", and as Danny Zuko in "Grease".

I have enjoyed formal ballroom training with my wife, as well as classes in modern dance in college. Coupled with cheerleading, choir, and voice lessons, I spend much of my free time developing my skills. I am currently a member of the Jax Treblemakers, an a cappella group based in Jacksonville, Florida.



My instrumental music education has given me a strong ear, and my knowledge of physiological principles of voice have helped me develop a rich sound with a large range. (D2-B4)


I use my strength and kinesthetic knowledge, coupled with rhythmic instincts, to move myself and others with power and grace.


I focus on immersing myself in the world of the character I portray, in an attempt to understand their motivations and drive their development.



With access to information and the skill to digest it, there is no limit to what one can accomplish.


By strengthening the places where we live and work, we help others succeed.


Through learning from successes and failures, software and people get closer to achieving their goals.